Licensed in NC, SC, KY, CO, and TX

Are you having trouble with your insurance claim? Dreading the back and forth with your insurance company? It is a proven fact that hiring a Public Adjuster can help you:

  1. Keep your sanity.

  2. Gain the largest indemnification for your claim.

  3. Present documentation to your insurance company within their guidelines.

  4. Be prepared with things may turn wrong.

Don't wait to "see what you can get." That's the worst thing to do.

I am a trained, licensed professional that can help you from day one. I will prepare the presentation of your damages in all coverage areas and review your policy to gain knowledge of what you are entitled to receive.

When a storm or other peril occurs, yes my fee is 10% of the total claim, but I work for YOU. If you need some references, just ask!